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Cutchin Project

Project Goals:
      1. To free all the information on the Cutchin Surname from wills, land grants, books,
           family trees, and etc. to anyone who wants it providing they abide by the disclaimer.
      2. To end up with a complete Cutchin Family Tree.
      3. To help preserve the name and let the future generations know about their ancestors.

How you can help:
      We need everyone researching the Cutchin surname or anybody with information on the Cutchin surname to submit, ftp, email, fax, or mail us any information that you may have.

Types of information we will accept:
      We accept it all, here are some examples.

1. Paper         2. Computer Storage        3. Computer File Types
    Copies            CD-ROMS                             Text
    Email               Floppy Disks                         Word Documents
    Faxes                                                              Word Perfect Documents

4. Computer Image Types        5. Genealogy Program Types
    BMPs                                              GEDCOM

What we do with the information:
    1. Review it
    2. Check to see if we can add to it
    3. Check to see if we need to adjust it
    4. Change the original into web based content
    5. Post it on the internet through Cutchin Genealogy

How this benefits you:
    There are so many, but here is a few!
    1. Spend less money
    2. Spend less time researching
    3. Easier to share the information
    4. Easier to get feedback
    And it is free and will always be a free resource for you

How you join:
    It is easy and very simple, just say hi by sending an email message to or click here to use a web based form. If you have contacted me before then you are all ready involved.

The Project is run by:
    The Webmaster of Cutchin Genealogy , Willis Cutchin.

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